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prayer n praise
posted by: Feltisha Latrice kolheim on 8/20/2016

Feltisha is now going to Olive Harvey College for culinary arts when will you graduate in 2018. Keep her mother Hilda n her Father Felton Kolheim in prayer.. her mother have MS n cancer, n father have heart problems.. Her mother n father have two younger kids that's 10 n 11 n also helping feltisha taking care of her two beautiful kids Faith n Felicity kolheim. Also pray for her other mother Renia Hester keep her in you all prayers Aman.....
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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 7/21/2016

Please Pray...I'm 44 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 21 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
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Salvation for my father and family
posted by: Shirley on 6/17/2016

Father we pray for Earl Stocker and that he would be saved before he leaves this earth. Bring witnesses to bring Your love and gospel and may he be able to give his life to you even though he has Dementia and in a home. And save his son Michael. And may that spark a fire of salvation through the whole Stocker family!!
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Healing and Prosperity
posted by: Shirley on 6/17/2016

Lord please continue to heal Shirley from all physical ailments including skin issues and trouble with her esophagus. We praise you for prospering her and blessing her family. Help her stay organized and focused. Guard and protect her from all works of the devil in the unseen places. Lord bring Shirley together with a companion to serve you with.
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posted by: Luke Clark on 6/17/2016

Lord help Luke design and write the Young Living page for his website. Make everything just right and release favor upon it. Lord give Luke and his website favor with Young Living to get registered and set up properly.
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Salvation of People Worldwide
posted by: Maj-Len Henriksson Skuru Finland on 5/23/2016

Carl Olof Rosenius was Sweden's most well-known evangelist, his writings have gone in million copies and been translated into many languages. Pray for all versions so that millions of people come to salvation and heaven. And that all money that has been paid for this really goes for this to full value at right time. Jeremiah 32:27
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Sister Mary Lang Services
posted by: Pastor Jones on 5/18/2016

The Homegoing services for Sister Mary Lang will be Saturday May 21, 2016 at Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, 2976-78 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL. with visitation commencing at 11am and the service starting at Noon.
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posted by: marie grace on 4/26/2016

Please pray for my family “See that I have broken every chain that would shackle you this day. I am creating power within you so that all which would addict and bind shall lose its strength as an anointing of liberty enables you!” Thank you Marie Grace
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Updates on our members
posted by: Pastor Jones on 4/22/2016

We want to be continue to pray for our members as they are going through and as God is bringing them through. Brother Kenyatta McKee's grandfather (Rudolph McKee) passed, The Services will be on Saturday April 30, 2016, 10-11-Noon at LeClaire M.B. Church 4402 South Lavergne; Sister Shirley Rule's Brother (Winston Hall) Passed, the services will be at AR LEAK Funeral Home Country Club Hills 10-11-Noon; Sister Alice Jones is recovering at Home; Brother Milton (Butch) Rolland is recovering from his procedure; Sister Carolyn Miller is recovering at home; Sister Dorothy Askew is doing fine at home. Brother Wayne Crockrom is recovering at home. Sister Pam battle is in Mercy Hospital. Sister Carolyn Edwards made it back to church on this past Sunday April 17. Sister Florida Wesley is recovering at home. Remember Sister Mary Lang as she is at home. #prayvisitcallremember
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Continue to Pray for our members/friends: Update
posted by: Pastor Jones on 2/24/2016

Let us continue to thank God for what He has done in our lives and the lives of those we love and know. Let us thank Him for the strength that we did not know that we had or our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Continuing to pray for Milton Rolland, Pamela Battle, Walter Rice, Dorothy Askew, Dr. Alvin Love, Dr. George Waddles, the waddles family, the Zion-Hill Family, and the family members affected by such tragic events that came upon them, the care givers and family members of those who are recovering and getting stronger everyday
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