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Sister Dell Sims & her grand dauughter Cee Jai Davis, Sister Janice Murph, Sister Lashana Williams
posted by: Pastor Jones on 6/25/2014

Let us pray for our members and their families.
I will pray 20 people are praying.
VBS & Upcoming Scholarship Trip
posted by: Pastor Jones on 6/25/2014

God bless the efforts of our leaders and protect our participants as we share in the learning of VBS at our church, and have the fellowship, fun, good health, and safe travels of our Scholarship Trip in Indiana
I will pray 18 people are praying.
Tasha Wilson "Special"
posted by: Pastor Jones on 6/9/2014

Prayers for the family that God will deliver and give them the strength for the tasks that lie ahead in their lives.
I will pray 22 people are praying.
Walter Rice & Vivian McDonald
posted by: Pastor Jones on 5/18/2014

Pray for the strength and health and return to the church of Deacon Walter Rice, who is in Mercy Hospital and Vivian McDonald, had a serious fall and is recovering at home.
I will pray 24 people are praying.
Praise Report
posted by: Ruth Brown on 4/30/2014

Thanks to Mt. Carmel & Friends for your prayers for Leslie. She is still undergoing tests on an outpatient basis, but we are grateful to God for all He is doing for her and in our lives.
I will pray 18 people are praying.
Patricia Faulkner, Robert Booker, Dearborne Homes, Live Streaming Bible Study, growing numerically and spiritually
posted by: Pastor Jones on 4/15/2014

Join me in thanking God for strengthening our members, while returning them to good health and activity, new outreach opportunities, and the growth that God is giving us in every area of ministry and personality.
Amen! 21 people are praising.
Mary Hooker, Rena Hester, Feltisha Hester, Leslie Boyd
posted by: Pastor Jones on 4/15/2014

Let us all be prayerful for these members of our congregation, as they continue to regain their strength to return to a regular quality of life and more active time of serving God and being with us as we Worship and Praise God together.
I will pray 18 people are praying.
Prayers for the Taylor family
posted by: Pastor Jones on 3/27/2014

Let us be prayerful for the entire Taylor Family at the passing of their cousin Mrs. Ruby Lee. Services will be Saturday commencing at 10:30am at the Chatham Bethel Presbyterian Church 743 E.84th Street
I will pray 15 people are praying.
Prayer request and praise report
posted by: Janice murph on 3/20/2014

That The Lord continues to or der my steps and that I'm continuing to follow the steps that I'm ordered
I will pray 19 people are praying.
Answer Prayer
posted by: Camille Mckeee on 2/4/2014

Praising and Thanking God for blessing my mom through her hip replacement surgery. Continuing to pray for her through out her recovery .
Amen! 29 people are praising.
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