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What Ever Happened to One Nation Under God!

Whatever Happened to One nation Under God?
I grew up during a time (last of the baby-Boomers) when public schools, regardless of their location; urban, rural, suburban, each had a morning opening ceremony that involved, singing “God Bless America”, maybe a passage from the “Holy Bible” (most times saying the Lord’s Model Prayer in unison), and a point where we all put our right hands over our hearts, and while facing the American Flag (one was in every classroom)  in unison saying the “American Pledge of Allegiance”. Some of you remember, ‘I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’
Our Country, YES, ALL OUR Country, the United States of America, has slipped back into the abyss of vocal and physical hatred against races, cultures, civil and social rights, as well as authority to preserve a privilege for some, that never should have been.
Interestingly enough, when we (African-Americans) were segregated, and knew it, we did not like it; then we were segregated and did not know it (desegregation) and we thought we liked it. Now we live in a combination of “white flight”, “Black & Brown forced relocations”, and “Low Income out-of-control rents” that are the real reasons that we move from one community to another or even another city!
Some European-Americans, fearing that they are becoming the minority in this country too fast, are afraid that African-American Men are one day going to have a “BRAVEHEART” moment and rush into the white community like Mel Gibson’s character, William Wallace, to rob, rape, murder, destroy the families, and burn the houses down of everyone not African-American in the name of Reciprocation. (wonder why they would think that?)
Since we have a history of saying daily, that we are “…one nation under God…”, since we have on the backside of our paper currency, “In God We Trust”, since we acknowledge the “Star Spangled Banner” at every sporting event, and sing “God bless America” at every athletic event held in New York. Since our National Politicians wear American Flags on their jacket lapels and are quick to say that ‘God is on our side!”  One would think that we all would start treating each other as if we believe the words that we are standing, singing, and cheering about. And while we are at it, make sure that the words in which we are standing and singing about applies to everyone in OUR Country. By the way, how’s that Make America Great Again, working out?

What Have You Read Lately?

These are SIX great books that I am reading now. If you have read these or are reading them now, share your comments about them! I look forward to hearing from you. You can also email me at - mailoffice@mtcarmelmbchurch.com or rashad1401@att.net or drjones1800@gmail.com You can calso send a TWEET - @MCMBC2978



A few years ago,  I was participating with a public action that was calling for commencement of the promised affordable replacement housing from CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) and a call to pass a city ordinance to raise the minimum wage to $15.00. Being a reasonable guy, I felt that these issues are relevant to an improving quality of life in the City of Chicago, for all Chicagoans, and has the potential to become a national model, which is why I support them.

Having said this, it is important to note that I am a Christian Preacher and elected Pastor of a great supportive church here in Chicago. It is a part of my parental guidance, calling from God, my Mid-West Seminary Training, and my East Coast Government training to not be afraid or equipped to speak truth to power anywhere, anytime.

So there I was at the Daley Plaza supporting the efforts of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, community groups from the north side to the far south side, union organizations, and politicians supportive of the action, blacks, whites, browns, and yellows. It was a fantastic, diverse showing of support for two important issues facing our City and affecting our people. I spoke regarding the morality of resolving these issues. As I descended the steps from the podium, a woman walked up to me and said these words: “I appreciate your presence, support, and what you said, I thought all of you preachers had been bought by that guy running for Governor!”

I responded, “I am not one of them.”

I reflected, on her words and mine, I thought;
Number 1, what made her believe that?
Number 2, people have a right to support whomever they choose, whether we agree with their choice or not.
Number 3, Ideological differences are a part of the fabric that drives our Democracy. However, it becomes a different animal, if we allow our personalities and influence to be purchased, in order that we may only benefit personally or even parochially.
 As pastors, aka Faith Leaders we have a responsibility to be accountable to God (or the entitiy of our faith) and all people; not just those in our local church, mosque, synagogue, temple or altar or those who are of the same ethnicity or our "side" of the City.
The Politicians are watching, the People are also watching, and lest we forget, God (Our Creator) is watching!

Its Not Random...Its a War!

It is a shame that with all of the gun violence that happens in Chicago, no one in leadership is willing to call this what it is: It is NOT Random Violence, It is NOT misguided young blacks, It is NOT the lack of employment or recreational activities, IT IS A WAR! If anyone should recognize this reality it should be the citizens of Chicago, whether you live on the Westside or the SouthSide, whethert you live in the "Back-of-the-Yards, or in Englewood, whether you are in your teens, twenties, forties, fifties, or older, whether you are black, brown, white, red or yellow, whether your hyphenated american racial description is African, Italian, Irish, Mexican or Eastern European. Yes even LAW ENFORCEMENT. This violence is not treated as a war because therer are those who have no concerns for people of color! Well I do not think that African-Americans have time to wait until the war reaches the "North Side" before this carnage is considered a WAR and given the resouces necessary to end this madness. In the Chicago's past times of Gang War Violence (in the guise of defending prohibition) the Federal Government became immediately involved and worked hard to bring down those that were terrorizing the citizens of Chicago. THE SAME EFFORT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW. Our President, along with the Justice Department, and the FBI needs to come in to the City, use its personnel and resources and END THIS WAR! Please do not speak of collateral damage, we already have collateral damage with NOTHING BEING DONE!


As we come together today, we want to take time out of our crowded schedules to remember the lives of young African-Americans and members of Law enforcement who did not LOSE their lives, but have had their lives TAKEN from them. We come together with African-Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, Asians, Native-Americans, Youth, Adults, Male and Females. We come together with our Law Enforcement Officers regardless of their skin color and whether they wear a BLUE uniform or are PLAIN CLOTHES.
We come together to support BLACK LIVES MATTER, BECAUSE THEY DO! Murder is wrong regardless of whom the perpetrators are! Should Blacks continue to kill blacks? The answer is no! But it is just as wrong when racist, spiteful, and hate-filled persons hiding behind the legal protection of a uniform illegally, unlawfully, and unjustly kill Blacks!
Regardless of what is being said by many ON PURPOSE, in front of the TV cameras, BLACK LIVES MATTER began after the murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, WHO WAS NOT a Policeman! BLACK LIVES MATTER was not created to be an ANTI-POLICE MOVEMENT! BLACK LIVES MATTER IS NOT A TERROIST GROUP; THE KKK is a terrorist group.
It is wrong and cowardly for any person to attack and/or kill our LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. We need our LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS to protect and serve their communities. Unfortunately, not all African-Americans young or Old are good law abiding citizens, unfortunately not all law enforcement officers are good law abiding citizens…
We come together to call on our communities Young People, not to stop protesting, marching, and closing stuff down, for that is the only way this nation will listen, but we must stop blaming ALL POLICE FOR THE WRONGS OF SOME! 
We come together to call on The Justice Department, City Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies, to work hard to identify and remove those persons who are hiding their racism behind a blue uniform and a police badge or shield!
Whether folk, like it or not BLACK LIVES MATTER, we need to shout that to each other as well as to everyone else! The lives of our LAW ENFORCEMENT MATTER, we need to shout that to each other as well.
We can only solve the problems of our communities together, we call on the Government, Communities, Families, and the Faith Community to concentrate our resources to strengthen our communities, mentor our young people, and rebuild our cites.

Solution Strategy: Let's Pretend that Our Teachers are Professional Athletes....


Dr. Robert C. Jones, Jr. – Pastor
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Solution Strategy: Let’s Pretend that our Teachers Are Professional Athletes, perhaps, then we will pay them what they are worth…….!
I must admit that I watch a lot of professional sports, whether its basketball, baseball, tennis, or football. Here lately, I have found myself watching more sports news that sports activity.  In the sports news are professionals that have great influence on the young of our society. One professional athlete to receive 47 million, another 110 million, yet another 24 million, yes millions! I listen to the supporters of these professional athletes as they say how they are getting what has been well overdue, I have even heard it said that that it was “good union negotiating” that provided these athletes the opportunity to “…get what they deserve…”  I thought about the reality that if a team’s ownership and/or management can pay ONE Athlete 110 million dollars (regardless as to how it is spread out in a contract) and then pay the other athletes, as well as personal ownership and management expenses, HOW MUCH MONEY ARE THEY MAKING? HOW MUCH MONEY DO THEY HAVE AVAILABLE?
I began to think about our Teachers, they are professionals, they have a great influence on the youth of our society, they too have a union that is negotiating for fair and appropriate treatment while working and after retirement, in other words, to “get what they deserve”.
I thought about the reality that if a City can payout millions of dollars to invite potential businesses and museums that may or may not decide to come to Chicago, HOW MUCH MONEY DOES THE CITY HAVE AVAILABLE? I feel that we should be as excited about our public education system and the appropriate paying of our active and retired teachers as we are about athletes deciding to come to Chicago, because we want to pay them appropriately! #THEBIGBUCKS.
We are at a time when companies, particularly in Illinois, are making record profits and personal incomes are not commensurate with those profits. Hours on the job have increased, and the pay and/or the benefits have not kept up. As you read this, you may not be a teacher, but what ultimately happens to our teachers will ultimately happen to YOU! The unions are the last line of defense to protect and provide for employees at every level of employment. As the unions are weakened, history as shown, companies will not pay and treat employees better out of good conscience! When our professional teachers are provided for as our professional athletes, when are schools are maintained as well or better that our sports stadiums, the foundation will be set to reinvigorate the imagination, inventiveness, and ingenuity that we had in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s of the 20th Century, without the racism I hope.

A Message that Needs to be Shared...

I think this message needs to be shared………………….
Excerpts from an editorial
“Chicago is broken and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Rahm Emanuel is not the right person to fix our beloved City.
On Tuesday morning, Mayor Emanuel dismissed Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, a move that was frankly long overdue given how badly the Laquan McDonald case was bungled.
….If you have seen the video or even had its contents described to you, you cannot help but be outraged by the utter brazenness of Officer Jason Van Dyke’s behavior.
…Protesters organized, shutting down business on Michigan Avenue on Black Friday. Their message was simple and completely justified. They are fed up with how things are, and they want actual change, not just empty rhetoric aimed at soothing them until the next actual problem bubbles to the surface.
…The only thing transparent about the Emanuel administration it that it has absolutely no desire to be transparent to the voters who elected him not once, but twice.
…It’s embarrassing. McCarthy’s dismissal is just the beginning. It’s Time for Rahm Emanuel to step down.”

Unacceptable Actions!

It is a travesty of justice that a young man would be gunned down mercilessly, being shot no less than 16 times and the leadership of the Police Department, The Cook County States Attorney, and the Mayor, would hide this barbaric action from its citizens for 13 months, thereby covering their own rear-ends, and allowing a murderer to walk free. This is a cover-up of Fred Hampton and Watergate proportions!
The life of LAQUAN MCDONALD can never be replaced or given back to him on this earth. But the penalty-price for the crime that caused, allowed, and covered up his murder should be paid. The Mayor should publically apologize for his criminal, politically motivated actions, AND HE SHOULD RESIGN. Nothing less than HIS RESIGNATION will be acceptable regardless of race, color or creed, but especially to the African-Americans of Chicago.
The responsibility starts with our Mayor, but it does not end there! The Superintendent of Police should resign, and the Cook County State’s Attorney should resign.
To our President of these United States, President Obama, whom I have the utmost love and respect for; it is time to tell your friend, the Mayor of Chicago, that he has crossed the line for the last time and He MUST RESIGN AS MAYOR OF CHICAGO.
This not a small matter relative to law enforcement in the City of Chicago, there are some outstanding men and women who wear the uniform protecting the citizens of Chicago…But here are SOME RACIST MURDERERS that are wearing that uniform as well. It is time that they are discovered, exposed and have their license to kill taken away from them!
Many the citizens of Chicago will not stop, until the new day of leadership begins with the resignations of the mayor, the superintendent of Police and the Cook County States Attorney……NOTHING LESS WILL SUFFICE!
There was something that needed to be seen; Preachers, Parents, Teachers, Community Leaders saw it…What did the Gang Members See?

I must admit, that I was not surprised at the verdict that was given in the Case of George Zimmerman. And if we as Black-Americans or any person of Color in this country, if they are honest with themselvelves they are not surprised either. It is a travesty that a young BLACK man can walk down the street, have someone HALF WHITE notice him, follow him, pull a gun on him, wrestle with him for his life, shoot him dead, leave the scene, show up weeks later, go to trial and be found NOT GUILTY!
Oh, by the way, what was Trayvon Martin doing, prior to having his life taken from him by THAT OTHER GUY? ABOSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  1. There are people, cities, states, legislative, law-making, and law enforcing bodies in this country, THE CONNECTED STATES OF AMERICA, I did not say United States because that would not be the truth, that have no value toward the life of a BLACK MALE.
  2. There are many in this country, particularly in the State of Florida, that treat Black-Americans as if we invaded this Country against the will of White people. NEWS FLASH, We did not ask to come here, we were taken against our personal wills and enslaved.
  3. There are many people in this Country who are not Black-American and who feel that they can kill Black-American’s with no fear of legal recourse.
  4. There are many people in this Country who are not Black-American who have no fear public community recourse, because the Gang Members are too busy killing each other Can anyone say, BLACK ON BLACK CRIME.
Now I am not a promoter of violence at any level, by any race at any time, BUT TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS THAT CONSIDER THEMSELVES DOWN WITH THEIR PARTICULAR GANG AFFILIATION:
I hope that while everyone including myself was watching the trial with its testimonies, cross examinations, witnesses, and subsequent verdict, that the gang members, especially those who think so little of the lives of others, especially Black-Americans would STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!

GANG MEMBERS, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! The only people afraid afraid of you, are the people who look JUST LIKE YOU! The People who do not look like you will kill YOU, your FRIENDS, your FAMILY, and anyone else who looks like YOU, whether you are in a gang or not!

Our City Needs to develop a RECONCILIATION Commission, (similar to the South African Model that was conceived after Nelson Mandela became President) to bring an end to the cycle of violence in our communities between our brothers and sisters who LOOK THE SAME, the cycle of violence that is based on REVENGE! There has to be a point where we all say that it ends here, and goes no further! The only thing that can stop the cycle of revenge killing among Blacks is reconciliation among Blacks.

Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore.....: What Happens When We Keep Looking the Other Way!

If anything good has come out of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., if indeed there is such a thing, it is that the death of the black teenager shined a spotlight on the plague of shootings of black men by white police officers. And maybe now, the nation will begin to address the racism behind it.

That is the conventional wisdom, anyway, and maybe it is true. Only a fool would deny that racial bias still pervades aspects of American society. The evidence is clear that some police law-enforcement tactics — traffic stops, to cite one example — disproportionately target African-Americans. And few doubt that blacks are more likely than whites to die in police shootings; in most cities, the percentage almost certainly exceeds the African-American share of the population.

Such arguments suggest that the use of deadly force by police officers unfairly targets blacks. All that is needed are the numbers to prove it.

But those numbers do not exist. And because of that, the current national debate over the role of race in police killings is being conducted more or less in a vacuum.

Researchers have sought reliable data on shootings by police officers for years, and Congress even ordered the Justice Department to provide it, albeit somewhat vaguely, in 1994. But two decades later, there remains no comprehensive survey of police homicides. The even greater number of police shootings that do not kill, but leave suspects injured, sometimes gravely, is another statistical mystery.

Without reliable numbers, the conventional wisdom is little more than speculation. Indeed, some recent research suggests that it may not even be correct: One study of police data in St. Louis concluded that black and white officers were equally likely to shoot African-American suspects, while another experiment found that both officers and civilians in simulated situations hesitated significantly longer before firing at black suspects than they did at whites.

“It’s shocking,” said Geoffrey P. Alpert, a professor of criminology at the University of South Carolina.

Rioting broke out on Monday in Baltimore—an angry response to the death of Freddie Gray, a death my native city seems powerless to explain. Gray did not die mysteriously in some back alley but in the custody of the city's publicly appointed guardians of order. And yet the mayor of that city and the commissioner of that city's police still have no idea what happened. I suspect this is not because the mayor and police commissioner are bad people, but because the state of Maryland prioritizes the protection of police officers charged with abuse over the citizens who fall under its purview.

The citizens who live in West Baltimore, where the rioting began, intuitively understand this. I grew up across the street from Mondawmin Mall, where today's riots began. My mother was raised in the same housing project, Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray was killed. Everyone I knew who lived in that world regarded the police not with admiration and respect but with fear and caution. People write these feelings off as wholly irrational at their own peril, or their own leisure. The case against the Baltimore police, and the society that superintends them, is easily made:

Over the past four years, more than 100 people have won court judgments or settlements related to allegations of brutality and civil rights violations. Victims include a 15-year-old boy riding a dirt bike, a 26-year-old pregnant accountant who had witnessed a beating, a 50-year-old woman selling church raffle tickets, a 65-year-old church deacon rolling a cigarette and an 87-year-old grandmother aiding her wounded grandson ....

And in almost every case, prosecutors or judges dismissed the charges against the victims—if charges were filed at all. In an incident that drew headlines recently, charges against a South Baltimore man were dropped after a video showed an officer repeatedly punching him—a beating that led the police commissioner to say he was “shocked.”

The money paid out by the city to cover for the brutal acts of its police department would be enough to build "a state-of-the-art rec center or renovations at more than 30 playgrounds." Instead, the money was used to cover for the brutal acts of the city's police department and ensure they remained well beyond any semblance of justice.
Now, tonight, I turn on the news and I see politicians calling for young people in Baltimore to remain peaceful and "nonviolent." These well-intended pleas strike me as the right answer to the wrong question. To understand the question, it's worth remembering what, specifically, happened to Freddie Gray. An officer made eye contact with Gray. Gray, for unknown reasons, ran. The officer and his colleagues then detained Gray. They found him in possession of a switchblade. They arrested him while he yelled in pain. And then, within an hour, his spine was mostly severed. A week later, he was dead. What specifically was the crime here? What particular threat did Freddie Gray pose? Why is mere eye contact and then running worthy of detention at the hands of the state? Why is Freddie Gray dead?

The people now calling for nonviolence are not prepared to answer these questions. Many of them are charged with enforcing the very policies that led to Gray's death, and yet they can offer no rational justification for Gray's death and so they appeal for calm. But there was no official appeal for calm when Gray was being arrested. There was no appeal for calm when Jerriel Lyles was assaulted. (“The blow was so heavy. My eyes swelled up. Blood was dripping down my nose and out my eye.”) There was no claim for nonviolence on behalf of Venus Green. (“Bitch, you ain’t no better than any of the other old black bitches I have locked up.”) There was no plea for peace on behalf of Starr Brown. (“They slammed me down on my face,” Brown added, her voice cracking. “The skin was gone on my face.")

When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself. When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse. When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con. And none of this can mean that rioting or violence is "correct" or "wise," any more than a forest fire can be "correct" or "wise." Wisdom isn't the point tonight. Disrespect is. In this case, disrespect for the hollow law and failed order that so regularly disrespects the community.

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