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Its Not Random...Its a War!

It is a shame that with all of the gun violence that happens in Chicago, no one in leadership is willing to call this what it is: It is NOT Random Violence, It is NOT misguided young blacks, It is NOT the lack of employment or recreational activities, IT IS A WAR! If anyone should recognize this reality it should be the citizens of Chicago, whether you live on the Westside or the SouthSide, whethert you live in the "Back-of-the-Yards, or in Englewood, whether you are in your teens, twenties, forties, fifties, or older, whether you are black, brown, white, red or yellow, whether your hyphenated american racial description is African, Italian, Irish, Mexican or Eastern European. Yes even LAW ENFORCEMENT. This violence is not treated as a war because therer are those who have no concerns for people of color! Well I do not think that African-Americans have time to wait until the war reaches the "North Side" before this carnage is considered a WAR and given the resouces necessary to end this madness. In the Chicago's past times of Gang War Violence (in the guise of defending prohibition) the Federal Government became immediately involved and worked hard to bring down those that were terrorizing the citizens of Chicago. THE SAME EFFORT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW. Our President, along with the Justice Department, and the FBI needs to come in to the City, use its personnel and resources and END THIS WAR! Please do not speak of collateral damage, we already have collateral damage with NOTHING BEING DONE!


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