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Organizing Pastor, Pastor Emeritus, and Current Pastor

                                                               Reverend Joseph B. Felker - Organizing Pastor
 Dr. Joseph B. Felker, Jr. Pastor Emeritus, After 51+ Years of faithful Service.

                                                          Dr. Robert C. Jones, Jr. Pastor - Installed February 2009

We welcome you to the Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church. We are a Christ-Centered Church with the Bible as our foundation. We are: Undeniably Christian, Unashamedly African-American, and Unapologetically Missionary Baptist. We are a Church that carefully and prayerfully craft the synthesis of the traditional and the contemporary in our worship and activity.  No, we are not your Great-Grandmother's Baptist Church, nor are we  your cousin's multi(non)-denominational church either! Come and give us a visit on a Sunday, become Biblically prepared with our church school at 9:15 am, have your mood of worship set with  our devotions and the inspiration singing of the Mt. Carmel Voices of Praise, receive the guiding message of our Hymns, become musically ministered unto by our Choirs and Chorus, and be blessed, helped, and strengthened by our sermons