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Highlights from the NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION USA, Inc. 2015

By Dr. Robert Charles Jones, Jr. |  September 13, 2015

Monday September 7, 2015 – Labor Day Began with Registration, hotel check in and attendance of our Annual Board Meeting, issues regarding our voice as a Convention toward the areas of: the Supreme Court decisions not favorable to our Civil and Voting Rights, Relationships with Law enforcement, Same Sex Marriage, and other pertinent issues. President Young Spoke to the recent events of our Convention, namely the resignation of Dr. George W. Waddles, Sr. from the office of President of the Congress of Christian Education. President Young, I want to speak to the “street talk” I did not fire President Waddles, nor did I force him to resign, he (Waddles) said that he must resign his position immediately due to health reasons.” Further, President Young stated that if he wanted to remove President Waddles He would have done it in 2014! The New Congress President was introduced: Dr. James Cockley from South Carolina, he was the Vice President at Large of the Congress under Dr. Waddles, and he has served as our National Assistant Dean in Congress President Robert Holmes administration.
Tuesday was the the official opening of our 135th Convention with Prayers, the Welcome Program, Exposition of the theme by Rev. Nathaniel D. Houston of MIssissippi: ENVISIONING THE FUTURE EXCEPTIONALLY: Through our Commitment to Christian Stewardship, and the Annual Sermon done by Rev. C.S. Gordon from Louisiana
There were business sessions, reports, presentations, and updates from our auxiliaries each morning and  seminars each afternoon: Financing a Vision: Building and Sustaining Viable Churches; The Challenge of the 21st Century Church to Preach an Unchanging Gospel in a Changing Society; The Church and Social Justice, The Church and Supreme Court Decisions. The Late Night worships were very inspirational. Dr. L.K. Curry represented the Senior Preachers on Wednesday Night with a fantastic sermon.
On Thursday September 10, 2015 was the DAY OF THE PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS.  At 8:30am to a capacity crowd, our own Dr. Joseph B. Felker, Jr. brought forth the opening message of the day! A dynamic, relevant, pertinent message: CHOICES Joshua 24:14, 15. Mt. Carmel, Chicago, Greater New Era, and Baptist General of Illinois were well represented. President Jerry Young Preached the Message – Going from Convention to Denomination: Stressing the importance of our identity and activity as Christians and Baptists.
On that afternoon the Minister’s Wives & Widows had their Annual Queen Program, in which Baptist General State Convention of Illinois, Sister Mattie Barnes, Director of Minister’s Wives & Widows, Dr. William Foster, Convention President came in 3rd Place in this national contest.
On Friday there was the closing program which adjourned at noon. Closing the 135th meeting of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
Pastor & Sister Jones