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Senior Mission, Nurses & Naomi Circle Annual Day 2019

By Dr. Robert Charles Jones, Jr. |  February 27, 2019

   Dr. Michael Runnels
Come celebrate the Anniversary of our Senior Mission, Nurses, and Naomi Circle, Ministries Sunday March 10, 2019 during our morning worship at 11am. Our preacher will be the Reverend Dr. Michael Runnels, Pastor of the Greater Metropolitan Baptist Church of Chicago, IL. Dr. Runnels is also the President of Baptist General of Illinois Congress of Christian Education, an auxiliary of the Baptist General State Convenention of Illinois, Dr. William H. Foster, Jr. Convention President.
SCRIPTURE: 1 Peter 4:10, 11

Sylvia Fain, Senior Mission President
Shirley Rule, Nurses President
Brenda Gilbert-Young, Naomi Circle President
Dr. Robert Charles Jones, Jr. Pastor
Dr. Joseph B. Felker, Jr. Pastor Emeritus