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The Associate Ministers are a very important part of the ministerial fabric of The Mt.Carmel Missionary Baptist Church. To date, God has blessed us with:

Associate Minister, Reverend John Henry JonesAssociate Minister, Reverend John Henry Jones
Associate Minister/ Director of Evangelism
Reverend John Jones has been a member of Mt. Carmel for over 33 years. He has been in the ... view details

Associate Minister, Reverend Phillip VarnadoAssociate Minister, Reverend Phillip Varnado
Associate Minister/Minister to the Youth Church, Assistant Church School Teacher
Reverend Varnado, is not new to Mt. Carmel. but he is new to the ranks of ordained minister. He ... view details
Cell Phone: 334-300-9935
Office Phone: 312-225-0510
Email: mtcarmelmbchurch@sbcglobal.net; phillipvarnado@aol.com
Facebook: mtcarmelbaptistchurchsocialnetworkministry
Twitter: @MCMBC2978

Associate Minister, Reverend Calvin TaylorAssociate Minister, Reverend Calvin Taylor
Associate Minister/Dearborn Apartments Bible Study Leader
Although Reverend Taylor united with us in 2013 he is not new to Mt. Carmel in that he grew up ... view details

Associate Minister, Reverend Sheri ScalesAssociate Minister, Reverend Sheri Scales
Associate Minister/Parent 2 Parent Ministry Facilitator
Reverend Scales came to us from the Great State of Texas. She is the wife of longtime active ... view details

Associate Minister, Reverend Nina M. Smith-PhillipsAssociate Minister, Reverend Nina M. Smith-Phillips
Associate Minister