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 1. SALVATION BY GRACE - We recieve our salvation as a grace gift from God through the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. - John 3:16
2. SECURITY OF THE BELIEVER - Once you are genuinely saved, you are saved forever. - John 10:28,29
3. TWO ORDINANCES, BOTH SYMBOLIC - The Lord's Supper (Communion) depicts the death of Christ and baptism shows His burial and resurrection.
4. BAPTISM - BY IMMERSION ONLY FOR BELIEVERS ONLY - Baptism is an outward (public) showing of an inward (spiritual) action.
5. THE AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE - God said it and that settles it!
6. THE PRIESTHOOD OF THE BELIEVER - Through Christ we are given direct access to God.
7. CONGREGATIONAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT - The Pastor, deacons, and members together in Good-Standing make the decisions for the Church.