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Wondering About God?

"In the begining God..." - Genesis Chapter 1:1a
The idea of God is innate, intuitive, and universal to the human mind. In the first chapter of  Paul's letter to the Romans, Paul is laying the groundwork for his theological position by teaching that the idea of God is universally revealed in every human heart. In other words, deep down inside, we all acknowledge God.
Helen Keller was blind, deaf, and dumb. The only avenue of contact through which she could be reached was the sense of touch. When finally, through the sense of touch, her teacher reached her, she told Helen Keller about God. Helen replied, through hand signs, "I have known Him all the days of my life."
There are certain great truths that are ingrained and grounded in human personality and in the reasoning mind, and they cannot be discarded or denied. These common truths are self-evident for they belong to the recognitive faculties of our structural make up. For example, there is no effect without a cause; a whole is greater than any one of its parts; the shortest distance between two points is a straight line; and 2 + 2 = 4. These common truths are with us always, they need no defense. The universe is everywhere and in all of its parts gives beautiful and eloquent evidence of law, design, and intelligence. Therefore, from where did the law, the design, the intelligence in this marvelous world come? Who created human personality and moral sensitivity? Who is the source?
There is in us a sense of the infinite, and that sense is empty and vague unless it is filled with the reality and the presence of God. Our sense of the infinite presupposes a great and omnipotent Creator-God. It is as our eyes. The eyes presupposes the light by which they can see; and our ears presupposes sound by which they can hear. Our sense of touch presupposes tangible objects. Our affections for one another presupposes someone to love. Our thirst presupposes water to drink. Our hunger presupposes food to eat. So our aspirations, our moral sensitivities, our religious feelings presuppose something over, above, and beyond the material substance of matter. Matter calls for a creator; a creator calls for personality; and personality calls for God.