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Pastor's Service Ministry

Sister Doris Varnado, is the President of our Pastor's Service Ministry.
Members of the Pastor's Service Ministry:

In 1957, Mother Mary Franklin, out of love, saw a need to aid Pastor Felker in some of his pastoral concerns. She addressed her concerns to Pastor Felker for his approval. Upon his approval, the Pastor’s Aid Club was formed. After serving nearly two yearsshe asked to be replaced in leadership, due to health issues and the responsibility was granted to Mother Ivory Coleman.
We have been blessed with many fine Presidents which include: Sylvia Laws, Bertha Kyles, Dorothy Green, and currently Doris Varnado. The name changed from Pastor’s Aid Club to Pastor Service Club under the leadership of Bertha Kyles.
The name was changed again in 2013 to Pastor Service Ministry under the leadership our current President Doris Varnado.
Because the rewards and blessings received are given by God, those of us, young or old can give some kind of support to the Pastor. Every aspect of the ministry does not always call for monetary substances. Let us ask be interested in our Pastor’s concerns and well being. Let us support and aid our Leader where we can and how we can. For each and every member of Mt. Carmel is a member of the Pastor Service Ministry


Doris Varnado - President
Phillis Randle - Vice President
Terry Logan - Secretary
Gloria Green - Treasurer

Rev. John H. Jones
Terricieda Grant
Bobbie Peapeacock
Williene Dampier
Tyra Backstrom
Pamela Allen
Deacon Phillip Varnado
Yvonne Taylor
Renee Ward-Williams
Dorothy Green
Camille McKee
Lenard Ticer
Emile Varnado
DeAndre Dennis
Delria Dennis
Alton Logan
Tony Logan
Sandra Figgers
Rev Sheri Scales
Sam Scales
Mother Dorothy Green