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Our Ruthis B. Felker & Peter F. Irby Scholarship ministry provides significant financial support to the members of our congregation that are in Active post secondary education at the Baccalaurete, Trade, and Graduate Levels. The requirements of our scholarships are that you are actively serving in a ministry of the church, as well as maintaining an academic average that promotes ultimate completion of the degree or certificate concentation that one is involved. We have been blessed at Mt. Carmel to average 19 scholarships per year, with a very active and supportive scholarship alumini that helps our member-students as well as contiued support of the ministry itself with activities, trips,and programs all with the member-students academic health in mind. May of 60% our past reciepients after graduation, secured employment and maintained active membership here at Mt. Carmel, and have even elevated to leadership positions, which is a reality that only a few can say. The Scholarships are given in January of every year.
Nicole Harton, President - Scholarship Ministry
Address:2976-78 South Wabash Avenue
 Chicago, IL 60616
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