Our Activities

Sunday Church School

Deacon Phillip Varnado, General Superintendent
 The Mt.Carmel Sunday Church School is an age graded, Bible-based curriculum in coordination with the International Bible School Lessons that provide a complete topic-based study of the Bible every four years. The classes meet each Sunday commencing at 9:15 a.m. for our Adult Division I and 9:30 a.m. for our Youth and children Division II
 Our Sunday Church School Classes are age-graded as follows:

Division I Superintendent - Deacon Jerome Crockett

Division II Superintendent -

1. Nursery                   Sister Camille McKee            3-5 years
2. Beginners                 Sis. Doris Irby                      5-7 years
3. Primary                    Sis. Violet Crockett               7-9 years
4. Junior Girls               Sis. Creola Jones                   9-12 years
5. Junior Boys              Dea. Maurice Hawkins           9-12 years
6. Intermediates            Dea. Bill Figgers                     12-15 years
                                    Sis. Diedra Dennis
7. Seniors                     Sis. Doris Varnado                  15-18 years
8. Young Adults            Bro. Milton Taylor                   19-35 years
9. Adults II                    Sis. Alice Jones                         35+ years
10. Adults I                  Pastor Jones                             35+ years