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Dr. Robert Charles Jones, Jr. - Director - Pastor's Conference

This page is designed to provide the Pastors of Baptist General State Convention of Illinois with information and inspiration between the times that we will meet in each calendar year. It is my prayer that we will continue to help each other with our experiences and resource discovery..

I Remain,

Jeremiah 3:15 (KJV)

15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.



Reverend Dr. William H. Foster, Jr.

President, Baptist General State Convention of IL, Inc.



A Leader with a Servant’s Heart

"Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many."

~Matthew 20:28 (NIV)~




I greet you in the matchless, marvelous name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ. 
I am once again pleased to invite you to the Baptist General State Convention's 2016 Fall Board Meeting.  This year's meeting will take place October 24th -26th at the Wyndham Garden Urbana Champaign, 1001 West Killarney, Urbana, IL.  I am thankful for the Fellowship Baptist District Association and Moderator Lekevie Johnson for hosting our meeting.  I also want to thank Rev. Lekevie Johnson and Jericho Missionary Baptist Church for being the host church.


As we continue on our path of "GROWTH", I am excited that we are beginning our studies of a new branch..."Growing with God through Equipping" Ephesians 4:11-12. I encourage you to attend the "Growing Through Equipping" workshop facilitated by the dynamic Dr. B.J. Tatum. This workshop begins at 9:00 am on Tuesday Morning.  Other workshops include"Pastor, Church & the Law; Compliance & Taxation of the Church (And a Lot More!)"; "Reaching & Teaching the Sunday School"; and "Fundamentals of Expository Preaching & Teaching".  Please take full advantage of these workshops to take back with you to your local churches.


October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  Let us remember to lift up in prayer all Pastors, and appreciate them for the labor to their flocks.  Let us remember each of the churches on the National, State, and District levels.  Let us also pray for all of those being affected by the tragic crises that continue to flood our communities near and far.


The Baptist General State Convention strives to hold true to the founding mission of our Convention, which is to help equip others in the building of God's Kingdom.  I am asking for an extra offering of $300 or whatever God has placed on your heart to give to help support the church building project in South Africa, as well as the crisis in Haiti. Please specify which project you are donating to.


Come looking for a great board meeting.  I thank you for your continued support, and look forward to seeing all of you in Champaign-Urbana, IL.


In the Spirit of the Savior,

Rev. Dr. William H. Foster, Jr.

Held at
Wyndham Garden Urbana Champaign
1001 West Killarney, Urbana, IL.
Room Location - TBD
Dr. Robert C. Jones, Jr. Director
Dr. Jarvis Hanson, Director Young Pastor’s Conference
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 – The Afternoon
2:00pm         Opening Devotion & Words of Meditation
2:15pm         Opening Remarks – Director Jones
2:20pm         Registration and Assessment Collection
2:30pm         Presentation – to Be facilitated by Dr. Jarvis Hanson, Director Young Pastors Conference
3:15pm         Panel Discussion: Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter….Where are We?
3:45pm         The Message – Dr. Alvin Love, Lilydale 1st Baptist; Former BGSC OF IL President

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – In the Morning Plenary Session
Will give our report, wherever and whenever we are placed on the Parent Body agenda.

Minutes from Annual Session June 7-9, 2016 Pastor’s Conference /Young Pastor’s Joint Session
Annual Session
Tuesday June 7, 2016
Attendance: 41
Presenters: 2
2:03pm Devotion and Meditation

  • Dr. Rogers Jackson open with song “Thank you Lord”
  • Meditation Luke 9:25 “The Man Advantage”
  • Dr. Rogers Jackson closes with prayer
2:12pm Opening Remarks Director Jones
  • Thanks Dr. Jackson for Devotion Mediation & Prayer
  • Appreciates the Pastor for their support
  • Break-down of Annual Assessment for Pastors $100/Year = $50 Annual Session* +$25 Spring*+$25 Fall*   *Optional pay scheme, you can give the $100.00 at any time during the program year.
    • Assistant Director Jones will collect assessment
  • Praise report regarding Dr. Alvin Love; encourages us to continue to pray for him
  • Asking for recommendation from all Pastor’s at every level in support of the Pastor’s Conference
Remarks Dr. Hanson – Director Young Pastor’s Conference
  • Thanks Dr. Jones for the opportunity to give remarks
  • Grateful for the collaboration of both Pastor’s and Young Pastor
  • Will encourage the Young Pastors to give $100 annually in support of Young Pastor’s Conference
2:20pm Presentation #1 – New York Life  
  • “Making the most of tomorrow by making smart choices today”
  • Using other people’s money [utilizing the insurance company properly]
  • Long-term care: Funding option
    • Medicare/healthcare
    • Medicaid
    • Private Insurance
    • Self-Pay
  • Applying for long-term care [earlier the better]
    • Director Jones gave an example of why long-term care is vital for the church community
  • Envision your retirement
  • Think about tomorrow [Prepare for the unexpected]
  • Make a plan & plan to live
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living [IADLs]
3:00pm Presentation #2 – Dr. Herman L. Watson, Sr. – Development & Implementation of the Churches Vision of the Community
  • Every church is not the same
    • Many benefits to developing Church and the Community
  • Cannot attach everything to the church
    • Avenues available to add resources within the workings of the church for the community [501c3]
  • Jethro principle:
    • Nehemiah shows us how to utilize & maximize our resources through much prayer & with God’s help
  • Setting up the structure to developing a Church and Community
    • Building relationship [universities are a viable relationship in every community]
    • Assess the community
    • Community meetings
    • Community involvement [takes a village to raise a family]
    • Apply for grants
3:47pm Sermon – Dr. F.D. James – Greater Rock Baptist Church, Chicago
  • Introduction of Dr. James by Director Jones
  • “Down at the Cross” led by Dr. L. K. Curry
  • Matt. 28:18-20 “Going with Purpose”
    • Know you have authority
      • Making disciples was the command given by Jesus
    • Make disciple
      • Teaching [preaching takes people out the world; teaching takes the world out the people]
    • Reach the nation [the gospel is not for select few; the gospel is for everyone]
      • Teach them so that they can confess Jesus is Lord
  • When you reach them baptize them [in the water]
  •  Baptize [In Father, Son, Holy Ghost] the way Jesus commands us
  • Teach them Jesus tells us His Promise
    • He will be with us ALWAYS
 4:26 pm Wrap Up & Benediction:
  • Director Hanson extends the invitation to discipleship
  • “I will Trust in the Lord” led by Director Hanson
  • Director Jones acknowledges Pres. Foster for attending the Pastor Conf.
  • Closing prayer by Director Jones, Jr.
Wednesday June 8, 2016
Attendance: 27
Presenters: 3
2:13pm Devotion and Meditation
  • Open up Session with a song by Pastor Claude White “Near the Cross”
  • Followed by Eph. 4:29-32 & prayer
  • Devotion closed with the hymn “Pass me Not”
2:17pm Presentation – Oak Street Health [Dr. Olaoluwa Fayanju]
  • Discusses Oak Street Health
    • Fully at-risk provider
    • Committed to keeping patient healthy
    • Patient engagement [developing a relationship between patient and doctors]
    • Medicare/ Medicaid recipients [adults and elderly] ; very few children [average age of patient 73]
  • Dr. Claude White ask how does Oak Street Health assist those that are less fortunate
    • Dr. Fayanju explains the possibilities for expansion for all insurances providers
2:51pm Dr. Virgil Woods, 1st AME Church, Gary, Indiana – Introduced by Dr. Jarvis Hanson
  • Dr. Woods discusses the importance of church feedback
    • Think like a fish published by Dr. Woods
    • Dr. Woods summarizes his book to make church productive
      • To the church
      • At the church
      • In the church
  • Dr. Woods explains Pew Hub
    • Importance of getting reviews from church & visitors
      • Gives a presentation of Pew Hub features
3:21pm -Dr. Anthony Bonner: church/business consultant
  • Discusses his background and how churches can get the opportunity for getting loans from the bank
    • Churches within our convention have utilize this service for church expansion & building
  • Develops relationship with churches that need assistant in refinancing
3:38pm Sermon – Dr. T Ray McJunkins – Union Baptist Church, Springfield
  • Director Hanson leads the pre-sermon hymn “I’m on the Battlefield”
  • Dr. T Ray McJunkins offers scripture Matt. 28:16-20 & prayer
  • Sermon topic “Go with a Purpose”
    • Introduces dealing with the “real” purpose of the church
    • God wants us to make disciple
    • Preaching draws teaching develops
      • Commit yourself to God’s purpose
        • [worship on credit, a promissory note, grace period]
        • Work for God & witness for God
      • Count on His presence
        • With Jesus I don’t live in the black we live in the red
      • Claim His promise
4:21-pm Wrap Up & Benediction:
  • Invitation to Discipleship offered by Dr. Herman Watson
  • Director Jones, Jr. closes with words of encouragement to the Pastor’s Conference
  • Director Jones closes with prayers
Thursday June 9, 2016
Attendance: 20
Presenters: 2
2:11pm Devotion and Meditation
  • Dr. W. J. Griffin opens up with a passage of scripture John 14:13, 14
His devotional meditation encouraged us to abide in the true and living God
Dr. W. J. Griffin closed devotion with prayer
2:16 pm- Director Jones, Jr. encourages the  attending Pastors of the importance of MMBB retirement plan
2:22pm Presentation – Dr. Teresa Ramos – Public School Funding in Illinois
  • Dr. Teresa Ramos gives background information regarding Advance Illinois
  • Dr. Teresa Ramos discusses the issues with why funding is important for “ALL” schools equitable 
    • There is a huge gap in funding for wealthier school district vs. low-income districts
    • Funds needs to be appropriated towards low-income student’s first
  • Dr. Ramos encourages all Pastor to get involved with their local organization to get out and Fix the Formula 
2:56pm Sermon – Dr. David Latimore
  • Dr. W. J. Griffin sings pre-sermon hymn “Glory to His name”
  • Dr. Latimore reminds us to remember the real reason why we gather as a congregation
    • Gather each week
  • Gen. 1:1- “God creates in Chaos”
    • God in the midst of disorder creates order
  • Let there be light
    • God works in the midst of darkness
  •  Chaotic times causes us to put emphasis on our material needs
    • God meets our every need sometimes in unforeseen circumstances
  •  God’s words perform a task
    • We need God to begin to speak in our ministry
3:26pm Wrap Up & Benediction:
  • Invitation to Discipleship offered by Dr. Orville Jones
  • Dr. Griffin offers song “Just As I Am”
  • Closing remarks by Director Jones &
  • Closing Prayer by past immediate president Dr. Tate