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Local School Council Trainings

The Lugenia Burns Hope Center and Kenwood Oakland Community Organization provide high quality Local School Council trainings by seasoned LSC members & trainers, supporting Bronzeville and Kenwood-Oakland public schools.
Remember: An informed, effective LSC is vital to school improvement! Dates
Sat., August 6th at 10am-3pm
Module 1: Roles & Responsibilities
Module 2: Effective Local School
Council and LSC Member
Module 9: Duties and Responsibilities
of LSC Officer
Wed., August 17th at 10am-3pm
Module 4: Budget
Module 7: School Internal Accounts
and Fundraising
Sat., September 17th at 10am-2pm
Module 3: Continuous Improvement
Work Plan (CIWP)
Sat., September 24th at 10am-2pm
Module 5: Principal Evaluation
Module 6: Principal Selection
Sat., October 15th at 10am-12:30pm
Module 8: Code of Ethics